About me

I am a French IT Manager, playing with Chinese language in my spare time.

Alexandre Froger - IT project manager / consultantI enjoy communication in a multi-cultural environment. I believe that the success of a project depends largely on understanding the customer’s needs, so that applications can be deployed in support of the key message they want to convey. I take each project as a learning opportunity, to develop my skills towards reaching that particular goal.

I am currently working as Digital Development Director at True Run Media.

Before basing myself in China, I studied in Clermont-Ferrand, in the heart of the Auvergne region of France, famous for its excellent French food and sleeping volcanoes. I have a Bachelor degree from Université Blaise Pascal, and a Master degree from SUPINFO – but I’ve learnt much more since then!

Have a look below at what I’ve been doing!



Managing Partner

Crystal Asia

February 2014 – early 2016 (2 years)  |  Beijing City, China

Until recently I was behind the steering wheel at Crystal Asia. Here, I most enjoyed ensuring that our customers were satisfied and – for real added value – that their customers were too! To achieve this, I spent time removing layers of unnecessary complexity, stream-lining work processes to help us bring their message into focus.

Alongside the project work, I was also involved with the daily and strategic administration of the company. This taught me a lot about running a business, in particular in China, and how to manage my time more efficiently when fulfilling several quite different roles.

I left Crystal Asia to find a position which is more focused on my professional strengths and passions – the clients, project direction and team management.



Project Manager

Crystal Asia

April 2010 – February 2014 (3 years 11 months)  |  Beijing City, China

During this time, I was taking care of projects from the first contact with the client until the deployment of the solution.

My core work was to ensure communication between the client and our sales and production teams, so that the right applications were chosen and the newest technologies could be deployed – all in direct support of the client’s content and marketing strategy.



Analyst Developer


November 2008 – April 2010 (1 year 6 months, part time)  |  Clermont-Ferrand Area, France

After our team had completed the analysis of an application for medical purposes, we proceeded, together with key stakeholders, to carry out several case studies. The goal of the project was to develop a more capable and sophisticated web application based on the original. Our work led to the development of a detailed specification, and the building of a prototype with Zend framework to illustrate the main features.




Vending Automation

May 2008 – October 2008 (6 months)  |  Clermont-Ferrand Area, France

Working in a 2-person team, I was able to develop over 100 new features and improvements for a C# software running on Windows Mobile. In parallel, we also ensured daily client support.